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So, suddenly, this morning I seem to be able to do Bakasana. I did three repetitions, and it didn't feel like it has felt before, when it was like a precarious balance. It felt strong and secure, like I knew what I was doing (finally).

So what the heck happened?

Here are a couple of my thoughts about that.

I have been wallowing in Sadie Nardini routines for the last couple of weeks. This means that I have been doing her core sun salutations. I think that core plank (7) and the Down Dog/Plank waves (5) have made a huge difference in my abdominal strength. That allowed me to really lift my lower body up from the core to balance on my arms in a way that I just could not before. If you are trying to achieve Bakasana, I highly recommend that before you step your foot forward between your hands for any standing posture, you throw in three strong repetitions of core plank on that leg. Not only will it help develop the muscles you need for Bakasana, but it will also help you step your foot through more cleanly (if that is also a problem for you, which it certainly has been for me for years).

Also, the way Sadie presents Bakasana made me realize that I have been trying to balance on the wrong part of my arm. To get into Bakasana the right way, I really needed to dig deep in Malasana, so that my knees were pressing very high into the bicep, just below the shoulder, rather than trying to get a balance point around the elbow area.

Yoga Journal recently put out a Daily Insight related to Bakasana that emphasized that one of the biggest mistakes people make when they are failing at this pose is that they distribute their weight too high. Getting that core strength to be able to achieve the necessary lift to, counter-intuitively, stay low I think was really critical to me starting to get this posture.

Anyway. My thoughts on the changes that have happened for me to get to this posture, in case they make sense to anybody else.
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Sadie Nardini: Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Power Hour: Whole Body + Abs

I am loving this DVD, but it is not for the faint of heart. This is conditioning in the form of yoga, and because of that it is intensely strenuous, and for many people, this might be an unpleasant experience.

However, if you are an intermediate or advanced beginner, and are interested in moving your flexibility, strength and balance to a new level, this DVD will definitely assist you in the development of your practice, and there is a lot to like about this, too.

Read more... )

So? Is this a DVD for you? I would say, hold off on this until you no longer dread Extended Side Angle or Navasana. You will spend a lot of time hanging out in lunges held for long periods, which can be uncomfortable for the front leg, and "Navasana Pulses" or even more fun, "Goddess Navasana Pulses" certainly build "the fire in the belly," but they might just seem excruciating if you go into them unsuspecting. You should also be ready to do 30-40 minutes of strenuous vinyasa flow.

If that sounds up your alley, you will definitely get huge benefits from this DVD. My seated forward bends, not a particularly important part of this DVD, have never been deeper. The hip flexibility this routine develops is really remarkable. Also, since you spend so much time in the Warrior Seal, this routine does an exceptional amount of shoulder opening, as well. I can feel the impact in Wheel. And of course, the core strength you build is good for every component of your practice. For me, this has become one of my favorite DVDs.


P.S.: Don't forget, that Sadie Nardini has a YouTube channel that is just loaded with material. This DVD combines elements that are probably all there into a one-hour practice that it is easy to play on your TV. If you can easily practice from your computer, then by all means, you should investigate the possibilities there.
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The last week or so, I have returned to invest some time with Sadie Nardini: Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Power Hour: Whole Body + Abs.

She has a great move for working on core development from a standing pose. She calls it Waterfall Warrior. See her instruct it at this link. Go to minute 8:19.

I really like the looks of her YouTube channel, which I have never explored.


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