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I don't know how many people have Shiva Rea's Yoga Shakti, with it's cool Yoga Matrix. This DVD consists of about 35 segments of 3 to 25 minutes in length. She has arranged them in four pre-set practices, or you can access a screen called "The Yoga Matrix" and select the segements you want in the order you want to do them.

So, this morning, I decided to use the yoga matrix on Yoga Shakti and do a custom routine with as much of my current favorite stuff as I can cram into an hour (or so) before I had to shower and wake up the kids. I use my computer for this. The yoga matrix is much easier when you can point and click with a mouse.

I thought I'd share, and maybe you can share back by posting *your* yoga matrix rotines? I'll set up a tag. We can challenge each other!

Weirdly, my computer has developed some kind of Yoga Shakti hiccup, so the matrix didn't really take all the way. I didn't get everything I programmed in.

My yoga matrix today was:

Om 2 (didn't take) - for a short pranayama

Surya A&B (didn't take) - for the warmup component

Dancing Warrior 1 - as additional warmup and light cardio

Dancing Warrior 4 - because it is so powerful and graceful (my favorite of the Dancing Warriors), plus more light cardio

Ha Kriya - for the buns-of-steel aspect of squats. Plus, excellent for flexibility in the groin. But mostly, exposing my inner masochist. Two and a half mintues of torture, but I love how energizing it is.

Standing Pose Flow 2 - at the end she says to bask in your own radiance, and you SO do. Excellent for upper body strength. The one with all the arm balances, my current obsession. I actually achieved Bakasana this morning. Promptly fell down. :D No other arm balance progress to report.

Twists & Forward Bends - for the hip openers. Hurts so good. So soothing.

Inversions (ran out of time) - because you need to be upside down in life.

Savasana (ran out of time) - because you're supposed to take time to absorb your practice, not just run off and get on with your day like I have a horrible tendency to do, and did today.

The big lack in this routine was backbending, obviously. The only backbends are the one zillion repetitions of Upward Facing Dog in the vinyasas, and a few Reverse Warriors.

Also, I think for the amount of time I had, I would change out the Dancing Warriors for Surya A and B. They are better warmups. This routine felt like it started too abruptly, without enought time for my hamstrings to get with the program.

Still, I've got that loose swagger of a really good yoga workout. A good start to the day, even if possibly not the ideally balanced workout.


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