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Oct. 13th, 2010 02:45 am
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A number of books have been very helpful in the development of my yoga practice.  I just pulled some of them off of my yoga shelf and thought there may be some interest in mini-reviews of them.  These are books that I love and that I would rec to students.

Click here for five great books )
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Hullo, y'all!

I've enjoyed reading the various DVD reviews - many thanks to everyone who posts those. They're the reason I've got Shiva Rea's Trance Dance on my Christmas list. Now, I'd appreciate suggestions for a good DVD for a beginner.

The only yoga I've had was a year's worth of once-a-week classes of Hatha yoga with a bit of Pilates ab work tossed in. Alas, I had to quit the class back in November due to health reasons. I've gotten things resolved and can start up again, though from the way I could feel stuff pulling inside when I did the Sun Salutation, I think I need to take it more slowly than I had thought.

Before things went to heck in November, I had picked up a DVD called Yoga Conditioning for Women which I had hoped to use to get back into yoga. It's produced by Gaiam with Suzanne Deason as the instructor. I only just got around to opening it this week. I watched parts of it this evening and at first I was distracted by how strongly the instructor resembled the love child of Samantha Carter and Thor. Eventually I started paying attention to what she was doing. The breathing section should be no problem, but the main part is going to be way beyond me. Even after I'd been doing some yoga, I would have had a big problem standing on one leg and waving both arms AND my other leg around without keeling over. And she does a lot of that.

What I'm looking for is a beginning DVD that gives the names of the poses because even though Catherine (the instructor at the vo-tech) was very good about telling us pose names in both the Sanskrit and English, I'm darned if I can remember the names of them. Sure I can follow along what's on screen physically (well, hopefully I can!) but I want to learn about what I'm doing, too.

And recommendations? Anyone? Bueller?
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Posted here by [personal profile] green_grrl's request. :)

I'm not a yoga practitioner, but I'm thinking about it. Money for classes is my main concern for not doing it right now, so I've been putting it off.

Yesterday I read this article about the benefits of yoga in mood stabilization and pain management. It's published by Harvard Health Publications. They're talking about actual medical studies with controlled experiments that show yoga does appear to make a difference. I thought this was especially interesting because it mentions fibromyalgia, and I know a couple people on my reading list might be interested to read that.

Read the article here.


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