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Another spot of self-promotion -- this time, a longer write-up of Matthew Sanford's extraordinary Waking: A Passage Into Body, his memoir of discovering yoga (and becoming a yoga teacher) with paraplegia:

Waking (thinky books about bodies, no. 4)
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Note: this is based on various comments I made to [personal profile] erika, who suggested that I write it up and post it here.

One of the things that has helped me do a lot more yoga over the years has been learning a bunch of relaxing asanas that I can do while watching TV/DVDs (downloads, YouTube,vids etc).

I used to feel that this was terribly un-yogic of me, but then I realized that it was better and more productive than the occasions where I was practising with gritted teeth because my brain was in a tailspin of depressive rumination, or I was just too tired or bored or antsy to focus.

Sometimes it's good to get your mind out of the way (and remove the self-imposed pressure to have a Mindful And Meditative Experience), and let your body get on with things. Which can ultimately lead to relaxing far more, and to developing some trust in the body's wisdom.

And putting on an engaging DVD can help motivate you to do some yoga on days when you're short on mental energy and drive.

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Linking in case it's of interest -- I just posted a short write up of Mark Singleton's controversial book Yoga Body: The Origins of Modern Posture Practice as one of my 3W4DW posts:

Yoga Body (thinky books about bodies, no.3)
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Shiva Rea: Daily Energy

When I saw this DVD on Amazon, my first thought was "FINALLY!"

My problem is that I almost always have time in the morning for 20-30 minutes of yoga, but most good discs are 40 minutes to an hour. I have doodled around with the yoga matrix on Shakti, but have not been able to put together a really satisfying 20-30 minute set. I have thought, while doing that, I wish she would just set up a couple of shorter workouts.

That's what this DVD is all about. There are seven twenty-minute practices that can be done on their own, with a few other components in the matrix to build around the seven twenty-minute sets. Plus, there are six pre-set practices combining two or three shorter sequences for longer workouts. The pre-set practices range from 37 to 51 minutes long. So in theory this DVD should provide a little something for every mood.Cut for very long commentary )
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Tribal Fusion – Yoga Isolations & Drills: A Practice Companion with Rachel Brice

I've had this disc for a while and thought I should come back to it and do a review. It's been ages since I've done any bellydance stuff, and I am really a complete novice.

The disc has 15, 30, and 45-minute sessions. This morning I did the 45 minute set.

Letting an Amazon reviewer do some of the grunt-work for me, here's an index:

    The 15 minute practice includes:
    - Half Sun Salutes
    - Locust Pose
    - Hip Locks on the Up
    - Hipwork on the down
    - Chest Lifts
    - Undulations up to down (Body Roll)
    - Cat and Cow poses

    The 30 minute practice does a full sun salute with lunges and adds to the 15 minutes practice the following moves:
    - Chest drops
    - Undulations down to up (Reverse Body Roll)
    - Pelvic locks front
    - Interior hip circles
    - Spread leg forward fold

    The 45 minute practice includes everything above, except the hipwork on the down (I'm not sure, but this may be an error on the DVD, because the practice really clocks in at about 40 minutes). Added for this practice is:
    - Double Chest locks
    - Rib Cage Figure Eight
    - 5 minutes of Corpse pose (with floaty clouds on the screen, and a doumbek drumming at about heart-beat speed)

The yoga on this disc is basic, but it is interesting to see what Ms. Brice chose as good yoga preparation for the belly dance drills.

As the disc name states, the meat of this disc is drills. Ms. Brice instructs some basic moves and drills you through them, first slowly and carefully, then double time, then at full speed, smoothing out the individual movements to make the full-body and hip/waist undulations of belly dancing.

The instruction is very good. When I went upstairs and checked myself out in the full-length mirror I was managing passable versions of everything taught on the disc. However, Ms. Brice is not a chatty teacher. She tells you how to do it one way, and she illustrates it beautifully with her own movements, but if her one explanation isn't enough for you, then that's the only chance you get, making this video more for the advanced beginner or intermediate student than the true beginner.

My other observation is that Ms. Brice, not chatty, is also not smile-y or bouncy. Her face is supremely calm, even serious. In some ways, this suits the idea that you should be calm, with a relaxed face and a focused mind during yoga. But you also get the impression that this is Serious Business. For some people that is probably a huge positive. For others, it might be off-putting.

This is not a great yoga video, but it is a way to have some yoga with your dancing. I think this is probably a very good video for someone getting started with dancing or wanting some guidance to make their dancing more precise.

As an aside, this video has a Gothic performance piece that is just *amazing.* Probably no one older than 14 really has the knees for it, but hey! I can dream!

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When my brother came over to my journal, looked at my beautiful yoga icons, and made a fart joke, I bet he wasn't expecting me to say, essentially, "Well, let me tell you..."

Going behind the cut to protect the eyes of the sensitive )
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Well, here we are, on DreamWidth, a welcoming home for fanfic writers.

I know there are a number of us here.

And you know you've done it. Imagined your favorite character, practicing yoga.

I know there are probably also members of this community who would probably prefer to pretend fanfic does not exist, and certainly do not want it as a part of their favorite yoga community!

So, without further ado, I go behind a cut. Please do not click unless you are ready for fanfic in all it's gen, het, slash, femmeslash, and nsfw varieties! )

More icons

Apr. 27th, 2010 06:32 am
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An offering for [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw, as will be all the content I post in this community over the next three weeks or so.

Some more icons. No need to credit (though also feel free to credit. Whatever! I'm mellow!). Though it would be great if you mentioned the community. Use as you see fit. Namaste.

001  002 003 004 005
006  007 008 009 010
011 012 013 014 015
016 017 018 019 020
021 022 023 024 025
026 027 028 029 030
      no icon   no icon  

Thanks to [personal profile] seleneheart for help with the table.

ETA: I meant to say that the last three were illustrations I found at this website, which sells all three medallions as artwork.


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