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If anyone's considering getting a subscription to Yoga Today, type "oh_hai" into the Ambassador ID box and you get a free two weeks' trial.

Full disclosure: if you then subscribe for three months or more, I think I get extra time on my subscription.

And to be honest, you can get a long way just enjoying the weekly free classes and all the material on their YouTube channel.

But so far, I'm enjoying my subscription and it's pretty nice being able to rifle through their archive (over 200 classes!) at will.
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I was just over at Amazon. Bryan Kest: Power Yoga, Complete Collection, is SUPER CHEAP today. $8.49 or something like that. Ridiculous. It's a good DVD. I recommend it.
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This is very exciting.  Bryan Kest is now selling downloadable classes on his website Power Yoga (as of 2009 apparently).  I really like what I have done of his thus far.  I actually did my teacher training with his brother, Jonny Kest, and want Jonny to record classes so that I can do my practice with my teacher but until he does, Bryan is the next best thing.  :D 

The downloadable classes start at US $9.95 for the audio versions.  There is a lot of other cool information on his website as well. 

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My mat has never been cleaned. Ever. It is starting to smell a little bit like feet. I guess that's what comes of six or so years of sweating.

Thoughts about how best to clean it? Do I need a special mat cleaner soap - to preserve stickiness or whatnot? Or do I just want one, because they smell better?

I have a cheap purple sticky-mat mat from Walmart.
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Want to add to your yoga wear for cheap? Costco shopper?

Graze through the clothes tables at your Costco and see if they have the Erge printed tees, 3/4 sleeve. They are an incredibly soft cotton knit. I tried one out yesterday morning, and it passed the Down Dog test. It was great for my cold house. I did not need a sweat shirt during my seated postures.

The prints and colors are nice. Cost per shirt is $6.97. Could be a way to wear something different during your practice.

(Buy big, they fit small.)
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Baron Baptiste has a great reputation as a power yoga instructor, but most of his titles are discontinued, so getting them is very expensive and beyond my budget.


He has a lot of titles available on Amazon new and used on VHS, some for less than $5.

This is especially interesting to me, as I happen to have a VHS to DVD capable machine just laying around the house. (That's what I did with my Yoga Fusion Power VHS that I got for one cent.)

A thought to keep in mind as you are putting together your Amazon wishlist for the holidays.
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I started out doing yoga on wall-to-wall carpet in my living room. I quickly added a yoga mat, and that was my practice surface for a couple of years. Mat on carpet.

Then we moved to a house with hardwoods on the main level, so I tried mat on hardwood.

Terrible. Terrible, terrible, terrible. It hurt my heels in forward bending postures. It crushed my feet in seated postures. Rolling over my toes hurt.

So in this new place, I was doing my yoga in the basement, where I could have carpet again.

Then, Husband began yoga mat shopping. Husband is much taller than me and broader in the shoulder. He was using my standard yoga mat, and finding it too narrow. So we shopped mats for him. And we found this:

Wide Yoga Mat 1

Wide Yoga Mat 2

That's Husband's new black mat, with my standard purple mat on top (for size comparison).

I mentioned this extra-long, extra-wide mat in a previous post. Husband got it from www.yogaaccessories.com. It was $27.83 with shipping. It is 84 inches long and 36 inches wide.

First, as you can see, if you have ever wanted a wider mat, it is definitely much bigger than a standard yoga mat. It is also really, really cushy. Springy. Nice and thick. Very sticky, too. Definitely a good mat for someone who is looking for a big mat. I would say a little heavy, if you carry your mat around alot, plus, of course, it is longer and more awkward to carry, too.

But I think you can see from the pictures where I'm going with this.

The two mats, combined, have made the perfect yoga surface! I like mat on carpet, but as a friend of mine points out, it lacks stability. Well, with the two mats, you get the stability of the hard floor, but also a lush, yielding surface that I find comfortable for all seated postures.

It has been a great solution for me.

Do you have any thoughts about surfaces or mats? I freely admit, my experience of mats is limited to the cheapy purple mat I bought at WalMart 6 years ago (pictured above) and the mat my husband just bought. I'd love to benefit from your mat experiences. Respond in the comments, or do your own freestanding post, tagged "mats."

I'm also intrigued by people's experiences with yoga on various surfaces.
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I know that I don't need yoga-specific clothing to do yoga, especially now I'll be doing this at home. When I was going to class for a year, I just wore a comfy t-shirt and regular shorts, but the t-shirt would bag and get in my way for inverted poses and the let opening on regular shorts will let others in the class look up your let in other poses. I've wanted a yoga outfit but couldn't really buy one.

Until today.

I found it at, of all places, Old Navy. They have a selection of yoga clothes that seem to be a regular item they carry. I'd had my eye on one particular outfit, but couldn't justify spending the money. I was there today and the store was having a sale on their clearance items. NOT ONLY was there yoga wear in the clearance, but I actually found ALL the pieces I wanted AND in my size. That never happens to me with clearance items!

I bought:

a ribbed tank top for $2.24 (originally &10.00)
a pair of yoga capri pants for $5.99 (originally $16.50)
a sports bra for $4.49 (originally $15.00)
a pullover jacket for $3.99 (originally 19.50)

That's $61.00 worth of clothing for $16.71 plus tax.

::does happy dance::

Based on the suggestions from everyone here, I've purchase the Yoga Journal step-by-step 3-DVD set and the Shiva Rea Yoga Trance Dance DVD. (I was going to get more but had some very unexpected and very large expenses, so it had to wait.) Anyway, I'm all excited about my good fortune and had to share. I've always said that my favorite four-letter word is "sale"! :)


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