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This Christmas was yoga-light, but I did get myself two new DVDs.

1. Janet Stone: Ananda Vinyasa. Loved it. If you are trying to decide how to invest some Amazon gift card money and you like vinyasa/power type yoga, I cannot recommend this DVD highly enough. 75 minutes unlike any 75 minutes I have done with a DVD instructor before. Very fresh and flowing. The grace and fluidity of Shiva Rea at her best, with the fire-in-the-belly focus of Sadie Nardini, and the soothing calm of Rodney Yee. There are postures here I will not be doing anytime soon, but for me they did not disrupt the flow - I just stopped at the stage of the posture I could do and waited for her to get back to me. There is an awesome wrist stretch and even more awesome - passive shoulder stretches! I wish I had more time for yoga in my schedule, because I would love to do a [personal profile] just_ann_now-style 30 day run with this DVD, but at 75 minutes, it will probably only fit on my weekends. I cannot wait til I can invest in a couple of more from Ms. Stone.

2. Shiva Rea: More Daily Energy. I got this because the first Daily Energy DVD is so useful to me. I fall back to it even though it does not thrill me because it has solid short practices I can do then move on with my day, even though none of them are really my favorite. More Daily Enegy might turn out to be different. I really enjoyed the three-segment practice I put together. Looking forward to exploring everything it has to offer and maybe finding something to love.
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Shiva Rea: Power Flow Yoga

Just saw this on Amazon. It is being released December 7, just in time for your Christmas shopping.

This is a compliation: According to the review on Amazon:

    Twisting Kriya (7 minutes, Trance Dance)

    Agni Namaskar (17 minutes, Surf Yoga Soul)
    Mandala Namaskar (11 minutes, Fluid Power)
    Chakra Namaskar (20 minutes, Daily Energy)

    Water Core (10 minutes, Fluid Power/Creative Core Abs)
    Handstand Vinyasa (8 minutes, Fluid Power)

    Fire & Water (20 minutes, Daily Energy)
    Balance Flow (20 minutes, Surf Yoga Soul - is it really that long?)
    Flow of Empowerment: Standing Poses (22 minutes, Yogini)
    Creative Roots (13 minutes, Creative Core Lower Body)

    Back and Forward Bends:
    Backbending Vinyasa (14 minutes, Fluid Power)
    Forward Bends & Hip Openers (18 minutes, Fluid Power)

    Shavasana (5 minutes, Fluid Power)

If you wanted a really good sampler to see if you like Shiva Rea, this looks like a good one. The selections from Fluid Power, Daily Energy, and Trance Dance are definitely wins, though be sure you have plenty of floor space for the Fluid Power Forward Bends. (I can't comment on the other selections, as they come from DVDs I don't have.)


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