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So I did a stupid yesterday. Ran up and down two flights of stairs quite a lot. (Hurricane coming. Wanted all my crap off the basement floor.) Now my calf muscles hurt. Tylenol ain't working and I can't have ibuprofen due to other meds. I was wondering if there were any yoga exercises that might help. Preferably not down dog or anything else that involves me being head downward for any length of time, on account of I get dizzy. Or should I just stay sat and let my body deal with my stupid on its own time?
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Here's an interesting article in the New York Times on using a yoga-based exercise (a supported version of headstand) to treat rotator cuff problems.

You can read or download the original paper here.


Feb. 24th, 2011 02:32 pm
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I think I have yoga toe. *pouts*
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... and thought it might be of interest.

Yoga for Back care: when your lower back is taking you out of action

It's about the author's experiences using yoga to treat her chronic back pain, with some book recs.
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Because someone mentioned sacroiliac issues a while back, I thought I'd link some resources that I've found helpful. I discovered the hard way that it's easy for the SI joint to unlock and move about more than it should, so learning to stabilize it has been an important aspect of my practice lately.

These two little videos were almost miraculously helpful:

Lillah Schwartz: Stabilize the Sacrum with Yoga -- Part I
Stabilize the Sacrum with Yoga -- Part 2

Yoga Journal: Practice Tips for the Sacroiliac Joints -- this is oriented towards teachers, but I found the "Move it with care" section especially useful.

And the one thing that turns out to be critical for protecting my SI joint and my lower back in general: engaging uddiyana bandha.
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So, I was home talking to my Mom about her arthritis and bursitis. And she said, oh, and at the doctor someone told me that the worst thing you can do for your back is touch your toes.

I went out looking for anything that might support that idea, and I found this person, Jolie Bookspan, who attacks yoga and pilates as being bad for the back because of every single forward bending exercise, including seated forward bends, but especially toe touching.

See this article here:

My first thought was that doing uttanasana correctly is back- and abdominal- strenghtening, and if done correctly should be good for you over the long term, helping to bring space into the vertabra and length into the spine. But is that in fact the case?

My second thought was, hmmmm, if correct, is this, in fact, universal advice for people with healthy backs, or mainly advice to people who already have back problems, since you know, by personal and anecdotal experience, I don't know a lot of yoga and pilates practitioners walking around with bad backs, and it seems counter-intuitive that sun salutatinos would have developed as they did over many, many years, for all I know centuries, if people hurt themselves doing them.

Thoughts? Responses from the yoga community?

Knee Injury

Oct. 1st, 2009 02:19 pm
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I recently injured my knee in a sparring accident at my Kung Fu dojo. Specifically, I have a Type I/II tear in my MCL (the tendon connecting the femur to the shin bone on the inside of the knee).

I am taking the first week completely off of strenuous exercise, including my hoola hooping, Pilates, Kung Fu and Maui Tai; afterward, I don't want to become SEDENTARY while I recoup. I have done yoga in the past, and continue to practice it periodically. I feel it's a good solution to keep myself from getting stiff and stagnant in the interim.

Could anyone suggest some poses that wouldn't be too hard on the knee, and would perhaps VERY gently stretch out the tendon? I would appreciate any advice!




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