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I am...back to square one with yoga. Again. New Year's resolution: fix this. I'm looking for an achievable-soonish goal, an achievable-mediumish goal, and an achievable-longish goal. Thoughts?

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This past weekend spouse and I were quasi-camping (SCA event at a scout camp with shanty bunkhouses) and I took the opportunity to enjoy my favorite start for a weekend morning away from home, especially in the country where nature is close at hand.

I set my cellphone to wake me up at a quarter til dawn and went to sleep in my workout clothes Friday night. Saturday morning I got up and took an easy 2-mile jog along the rural highway outside the campground,  soaking my sneakers with dew and watching the predawn glow slowly overtake the constellations while songbirds tuned up for their first morning songs. Then warmed up from the run, I stopped at the camp dining hall's porch and did a half hour of vinyasa flow, starting with sun salutations as the sun came up over the meadow, then warriors, triangles, side angles, half moon, natarajasana, garudasana, parsvottanasana ...  standing poses so I wouldn't end up covered in the floor dirt.  The porch opens southeast with a view over a little stream, a grassy meadow, silver-glittering spring-fed swimming hole, and a bank of sweetgum and oak trees due east that burst with green light when the sun rose behind them. By the time others were beginning to wake up, I felt steeped in all that peace and beauty (or maybe it was sweat? :-) , as if my run and my practice had made me permeable to the natural world, then sealed it in to carry with me through the day.

Favorite way to start a weekend.
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This came up in a recent post: one of the hardest things for yoga newbies can be figuring out all the different schools and styles of yoga (Iyengar, Ashtanga, power, Bikram, vinyasa flow, Anusara, Kundalini, Sivananda, shadow, yin ...) and finding the kind that suits them best.

And I know there are people here who practice a wide range of styles.

So I wondered if anyone fancied the idea of writing a brief -- or not so brief -- post describing the style/school of yoga that you practice, what it focuses on, what's different about it, etc.. Or if you like following a particular teacher (e.g. Shiva Rea or Jason Crandell), what's different and distinct about their teaching style and what you like about it. Or if you're more eclectic, how you mix things up!

I figure we could probably cover quite a few styles between us, and it could be a pretty good resource. Thoughts?

ETA: For anyone who wants to do this, we haz a style/school tag! And I guess this can double as a sign-up post for anyone who finds it helpful to commit themselves.

ETA2: Index!

Yin yoga
Shadow yoga
Forrest yoga
Hot yoga and Bikram yoga
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Hi fellow yogis,

I come to you all with a question. I have a medal plate in my head replacing a part of my skull from a brain surgery i had years ago. I'm not allowed to put any weight on my head. No headstands, no wheel pose, nothing like that. Nothing where there is any pressure on the crown of my head at all. I am cleared to practice inversions so long as they are forward facing (i.e. downward facing dog), but not backward where i could slip and fall onto my crown (i.e. fish). My instructors aren't so great yet at remembering to give me an alternate pose that acomplishes the same opening or release as some of the poses I can't do.

So, I come to you all for suggestions. For example, much of the time I do bridge instead of wheel, but that is starting to get boring as I'm also using it for fish. I'm clueless what to use in place of headstands. So any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Right now I'm going either into downward dog or child's pose which are both far from my ideal. I know I'm forgetting other poses I can't do. So, if specifics come to mind, please volunteer them. I haven't been doing yoga all that long - about a year. So my pose name retrieval is still rusty.
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I did the Forward Bend and Chakra Vinyasa sequences from Shiva Rea's latest dvd, Daily Energy (obtained from Netflix if you are US) and am typing to you with shaking arms and a light sweat at the back of my neck under my hair!  I

note to CK:  finish that review already so they know what I am talking about!

Shiva can be challenging to my ego balance at times, but I like her anyway so I persevere.  My limited experience with this dvd thus far has shown me that she moves slower so I can fall more gracefully follow her with more understanding.  I'm posting because it is a "yay me" moment...I completed a sequence without migraine, nausea, dizziness, or getting up close and personal with my mat!
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I've been settling into a morning practice routine of: get up; get kids to school; yoga; go to work. But this week has been crazy hectic, and the only way to fit in my yoga was to get up early and practice first thing, before/while the kids started to get ready. And after a couple of days, I noticed my body started waking up way more ready for the day. Just before the alarm, even.

This morning wasn't as busy, and so I fell back into practicing later in the morning; but I'm wondering whether I prefer the early practice.

When do other folks practice?
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Do you have any favorite yoga music?

I have a bunch of the Shiva Rea compliations: Nataraja, Jala, Shakti Rhythms, Yoga Rhythms. Plus, I have a couple of good Sheila Chandra albums: Weaving My Ancestor's Voices, Roots and Wings, and Nada Brahama. Also, a couple of collections: Namaste, and Yoga Zone's Music for Yoga Practice. On top of that, of course, there are random things, like a song called Falling Down Slow, from the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's awesome album Dirt Silver and Gold. I haven't really explored very far for yoga music. Weird as it may seem, I'm just starting to seriously think about developing my own practice beyond just putting in a DVD.

What music should we all know about? What's critical to your collection?
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I'm wondering, out of curiosity, what poses folks do and don't enjoy, to see if there's commonalities or if we're all different. Also, since there's been some talk about the whole "lightbulb effect" where you hate a pose starting out but then something clicks and suddenly it works for you, you might have a third list of poses you grew to love.

Here's my list )
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One of the seemingly universal pieces of advice about spiritual practices: They take practice. Especially on the days when you don't want to, and it goes wrong and you are sure it's going to accomplish nothing. In one of Thomas Merton's books, he advises that if prayer always feels great, you're doing something wrong, because you need to pray through the bleak empty times as well.

One of the things I'm loving about yoga practice is the quietness of mind that I reach during it. And yesterday, when I woke up having a crap day, and didn't manage to start my morning practice until 3pm, I knew that quietness was probably going to be out of reach. And knowing that is probably one of the things that kept delaying me from trying. But I'm trying to practice every day during Lent, no exceptions, and I know that the days I am too busy/don't want to/feel useless are days that I really need to push through.

And then suddenly, when I was reaching for a forward bend, and realized I needed to let go rather than stretch, I experienced one of those shifts, and it wasn't just physical. More of an epiphany than a piece of quiet - and I realized that maybe letting go was what I needed for the problem that had thrown off my whole day.

I feel a bit more at peace this morning, and am going to try to carry the sensation of letting go and relaxing into the bend from my physical pose into my heart and actions.
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When I started doing the Yee disc (Power Yoga Total Body), I used to worry that I was going to sprain my big toes, particularly my left one. I couldn't figure out what I was doing, but it was bad and I was doing it a lot.

Then I quit yoga, and most exercise, for a long time while I was pregnant and nursing.

Then I came back to exercise through weight traning and aerobics.

So before I re-started a lot of yoga, I had been doing a lot of strength work with my legs and butt. Squats in particular with a lot of weight.

When I started doing yoga again, I could really tell the difference having much stronger legs made.

In particular, I realized that how I was hurting my toe was that I was using it to push off when I left a lunge pose and stepped my foot back forward. I realized for the first time that the power in that move is not from the back foot pushing off. That foot is supposed to sort of float forward, as you take all your weight in your front thigh and draw the back leg forward to the standing forward bend.


It makes a HUGE difference. That's why Shiva Rea says to move "like you are walking on the moon." That back leg is just along for the ride.

It occcurred to me to share this insight this morning after I did the Yoga Zone routine with all the deep lunging. My legs got very tired, and I started pushing off with my toes and I immediately felt that bad old feeling from the beginning.

One thing I know from the internet, if it has happened to me, it has happened to thousands of other people. If this is a problem you have, try to be aware of how you are stepping forward. Honestly, as with a lot of yoga, this is yet another component that becomes easier when you have supplemented your exercise with other disciplines. You might consider some weight work on your legs, if you have access to equipment. In any case, focusing on that transition of weight so that the work is in the front leg could really make a difference.
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This morning, MTV Power Yoga on the back deck.

My next vital yoga accessory - citronella candles. Because nothing breaks up the meditative calm more than looking up at your upper hand in Reverse Warrior and seeing a HUGE mosquito perched on your elbow. Swatting during yoga = v. bad. Hoping I won't discover a bunch of bites in weird places as the day progresses.


Jun. 10th, 2009 03:03 pm
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You have all been so kind to me with my various questions, and now I have another.

I've been working on my practice with my DVDs, but I can see the day approaching where I will want to break away from it and do my poses without commentary, just with music.

My favored type of music personally is driving rock, for the most part, and that's not going to work for yoga, obviously.

In my thoughts about it, I think I'd rather not have words, although use of the human voice as an instrument might be okay. I've searched through Amazon, and found this:

It seems to be okay, although I'm not all that fond of things in the higher range, like the flute is.

Any suggestions?
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All your comments and suggestions for my last question were really helpful. I ended up getting some things at Target, which weren't expensive at all. Some pants that were soft and loose, but not baggy, and they worked much better. I have issues with breast pain which is part of a long, complicated medical issue that led me to try yoga in the first place, to help with some of my symptoms. Anyway, I bought a top that is supportive and keeps things in place, thus reducing the pain.

My question now is food. I used to be heavily into lifting weights and it seemed like it didn't matter much what I ate as far as it affecting my ability to do the lifting.

I'm a leisurely breakfast and two cups of coffee person on the weekends, so as usual, I ate and then waited at least an hour before beginning my practice. However, possibly because of the amount of time one spends in the head down position, I felt sort of head-spinny by the end of the routine.

My only times that are free to practice are after breakfast on the weekends or after I get home from work during the week.

So . . . any food advice? I don't go without breakfast, never have in my entire life, so that's not negotiable.
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I'm just starting out with yoga, and everything I've looked at seems to have people in this almost uniform. Tight pants, tight top. And I have one friend, whom I know is *not* a clothes horse, but she owns yoga clothes.

How important are the clothes? Does this 'uniform' lend itself to easier movements? What do you suggest?


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