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All your comments and suggestions for my last question were really helpful. I ended up getting some things at Target, which weren't expensive at all. Some pants that were soft and loose, but not baggy, and they worked much better. I have issues with breast pain which is part of a long, complicated medical issue that led me to try yoga in the first place, to help with some of my symptoms. Anyway, I bought a top that is supportive and keeps things in place, thus reducing the pain.

My question now is food. I used to be heavily into lifting weights and it seemed like it didn't matter much what I ate as far as it affecting my ability to do the lifting.

I'm a leisurely breakfast and two cups of coffee person on the weekends, so as usual, I ate and then waited at least an hour before beginning my practice. However, possibly because of the amount of time one spends in the head down position, I felt sort of head-spinny by the end of the routine.

My only times that are free to practice are after breakfast on the weekends or after I get home from work during the week.

So . . . any food advice? I don't go without breakfast, never have in my entire life, so that's not negotiable.


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